Wednesday, January 7, 2009

may life be groovy

I love you world, everything
about you.
But who am i? Who are you?
Whoever you are and whoever I
we share commons.
we are equal 
equal to everything and every
You could be the idealistic American white picket fence family where the grass is the
Or you could be the convict in the orange jumpsuit with the black serial number printed on your right
but you would still be the world.
And now you ask what is the world?
You am the world, I are the world
World, we are everything.
We are the extra crunchy burnt auburn colored leaf I went out of my way to step on, you are the flame-broiled steak with the A1 steak sauce smothered on me, they are even the light bulb illuminating the pastel green room of the house with the pickets
The world is everything you and I want it 
to be.
Life is everything we want it to be.
Let it be groovy, and let our body baste in a bath filled of everlasting happiness. 

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