Monday, March 16, 2009

what a long strange trip its been

reality is just a figment of the imagination. maybe life is just a long, strange trip of some random person that can experience the life of every person he imagines. he knows how everyone feels at all time. have you ever noticed that random people just show up in your life? they can be new colleagues, or new students in your school, or they can even be someone you meet randomly on the street. but where do they come from? i mean obviously i know about the whole baby making process. but why were they led to your life specifically? why weren't they led to someone who lives 1346.2 miles away's life? honestly, it could very well just be that random hallucinating fellow. they could think of some random trait or quality or whatever, then imagine a person with it and then that person is exiled from their thoughts to their life hallucination and then you find yourself face to face with that person that was just created. interesting way to see life. let's hope that acid doesn't wear off any time soon. 

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