Tuesday, May 12, 2009


see the fluffy fluffy falling down.
you go nuzzle nuzzle into your lover's
cross your arms and dig your
grabbers into their snuggle holes in your

see it go fall fall fall.
harder now.
a little bit of whoosh music
here and there and here. 
here and there and here a 
hint of deep w h o o s h ing there is.

see your wear cozy in
their pully portal homes all folded and on each
you take your flannels and
get all   snuggly   and go
deep exhale of content-like.

see your illumination go all dark and
you climb climb into your dorming 
pillow fluff pad of the state of non-awkenness
and make with the     z   zz  zzzz  z     zz     zzz-zzz.

mm. see it now. 

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