Sunday, September 28, 2008

Cliches Becoming Cliche

With writing, I've always been told to avoid cliches, which is hard if you want your readers to connect with what you're talking about. Cliches have become the foundation of both writing and movies, whether you're avoiding them or using them. Even life has found its way to be cliche. For example, recently my dad was telling a story of how Tiger Woods hot some sort of knee injury, got surgery, and started playing in yet another huge and important tournament. From here, I could already guess the rest of the story. The competition was neck and neck, and everything came down to just one hole. ::Suspenseful music inserted here:: Of course, it was tied after that one hole. Then it went into triple overtime, obviously, filled with tight competition, close shots, and the crowd bathing in their suspense-induced sweat. Then, of course, Tiger wins, even after the doctor predicted his surgery would hold him back forever. Don't get me wrong, the story is interesting, however, it's getting old.
But living in this world aren't you bound to write at least one cliche? And with them so abundant, don't they contradict themselves? Everything has turned cliche. Including cliches themselves. They have officially taken over everything. 

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