Sunday, September 28, 2008

Secret Worlds

Have you ever had one of your favorite articles of clothing disappear and then you magically find it months later? It doesn't even have to be one of your favorite pieces of clothing, it can be legitimately anything. A sock that is simply just irreplaceable disappeared in winter of 2007. It's black and furry and has ducks on them. It couldn't have been any other sock, it had to be my black furry duck sock. It's not so much common. And I know nobody stole it because whoever comes to my house knows me quite well and knows that if they ever thought about even borrowing it, I would go ape-shit. Also- what can you do with one sock? With ducks on it? Other than make a sock monkey but I dread to think someone cut it and stuck a needle through it. A year ago or so a black cropped hooded sweatshirt went missing. Around three months later, it was found (to my surprise) in the laundry basket. It obviously doesn't take three months to wash a tiny black hoodie, which led me to this. 
I've thought very long about it, and came to the conclusion that the only reasonable explanation is the fact that there is a secret world in everybody's closet, drawers, purse, wallet, pockets, suitcase and laundry basket. Or there are clothes-hoarding fairies and gnomes. But I chose that the first one is much more reassuring because clothes-hoarding fairy gnomes never have to give you anything back. But with the secret world, there are rules for disappearance and surprise arrival/appearance. 
Some of these rules include:
  • Clothes will always and only disappear when you need them most or want to lend them to a friend o when you want to donate them to Salvation Army. For example, I cleaned out my bin of sweatshirts and sweatpants and had a good 20 articles of clothing I wanted to donate. I put them aside in another bin, and the whole bin just went POOF. 
  • Whatever went missing will never reappear when you're thinking about it or when you can wear it. The bin of sweats I wanted to donate appeared in June, clearly one of the few times needy people don't need heavy clothes. 
  • Never try to find this world. Or you yourself will probably end up getting trapped in it and you won't reappear until people stop looking for you. And chances are, that won't be for awhile.

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